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Backlinking Strategy 02: Where to Make Backlinks

Backlinks need to be made somewhere and this post is simply a list of places where you can make them. If you don’t know what backlinks are, then you may want to check out my first backlinking strategy post. This is not an in-depth post on how to make the backlinks. It just lays out the places where your backlinks could be on the Internet. Later on in this backlinking strategy series you will learn more about each of these places and tips and tricks on how to use them to your full advantage.

Backlinking Strategy 01: What are Backlinks and How Do they Help Your Blog?

Internet Entrepreneur - BacklinksThis is the first post in a series about Backlinks. Backlinks are essential for every blogger. It’s even more important for bloggers to know what backlinks are, how they help out your blog, and in the next few posts how to get them. In fact backlinks are the key contributor, along with keywords, that help your blog’s SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO for Internet EntrepreneursSEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is what gets you ranked high in Google and other search engines. By getting ranked high in Google, you add exposure to your blog or website. Most Internet Entrepreneurs know that adding content is necessary to have any chance in SEO.

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