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Nick Purcell

I’m Nick Purcell, a high school student with a mind for business. I have a family who I can’t thank enough for the support they have shown. I have plans to go to college in Boston but who knows where life will take me. I want to major in Business, possibly Entrepreneurship depending on what is recommended for me. I am taking an Entrepreneurship class online this year through my high school, which I am enjoying thoroughly. Despite my age, you may find me to be very knowledgeable.

The Full Story

I guess the story really begins when I hit around 8 or 9. That’s when I started to realize what money was for and how to get it. My cousin and I drew pictures and comics having plans to sell them. But really, my cousin wasn’t as into it as I was. So I started making my own comics and drawings then selling them to family. That’s where it really began. I sold about 50 copies, most to my Mom and Dad, of my outstanding comic book series, Turtleman. Okay, give me a break, I was like 8 maybe younger. I still have these projects and look them over, laughing at how bad I am at drawing and making plots. But then I kind of stopped for a while, much to the dismay of my parents, who thought I had lost that entrepreneur edge I had. But then I found random websites that said they could make you money. I joined, unbeknown to my parents, these sites hoping to make some extra cash. When I actually got what I had earned, I was excited and in disbelief. I thought it was a scam for sure, but I tested the odds and won. So that’s when I first realized online business was actually something to play with. From there I found a ton of blogs that helped people learn internet business. This excited my entrepreneurship mind very much as I’m always looking for an extra dollar. So that led to my blog about the website I made my first 5 dollars online from, Swagbucks. This blog was all good fun at first, but I lost interest not being very passionate about it and not having content. That led to this blog and I’m happy about that.

What Do I Want From This Blog?

Well along with dreams of amazing profits, I really want to help people. I know a ton about internet business because of my studies. This is a field I’m very interested in and I hope that I can turn that passion into a helpful blog. It’s all hard work but I want to show everyone it is possible. I just want to make it clear, although I want an income from this blog, it’s not my main goal.

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So thanks for your time everyone.

-Nick Purcell

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