My New Project – Revenue Earning Articles on Factoidz

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Article Writing Website for ProfitIn a break between the two series I’m blogging about, my internship and mastering twitter marketing, I’m going to explain the new project that I’m working on. By new, I mean that I haven’t visited it in a while, but it’s not truly new. I started it in January actually, but I’m going to make it more of a priority.

So what is this new project? Well, it’s a way to make some extra money for myself going forward to put into making this blog better and being able to pay for my own personal expenses. This project is article writing for a website where you can earn revenue from the content you write.

This website is called Factoidz and I currently have 18 articles published on it. I earn about $1 per month on these articles. But this is without much work in the past few months. The most I wrote in one month is about 4 articles. And some of my top earning articles are from January or February, my first two months on Factoidz.

The first thing is to figure out who you are writing an article to. You can write about things in your blog’s niche or not. I have articles on both Internet Business and other topics that I know about. It’s a good idea to write about as many topics as possible, in fact I have an article on that. This can help you expand your audience as you rank for new keywords and just appeal to more people. People may have overlapping interests and bam! you have a new person subscribed to your blog’s email list.

Why Start Writing Articles on Factoidz?

In other words, why am I starting this project? This project is something I plan to carry through December and hopefully keep it going strong into next year. There are two main reasons for me focusing on this project.

  • Practice Writing – Writing is like anything else, it takes practice to become more proficient in it. Take a look at my first post, you’ll probably notice that the writing is very different from my last few posts on Twitter Marketing. You may also notice that my first post had no clear topic. It was just an introductory post, which happens to be my least favorite post to write. My writing has improved, I believe, and now my posts are better set up with a purpose.
  • Making Money – My hosting, provided by Hostgator, costs about $80 a year. I took money out of my bank account to pay for a year’s worth of hosting to save money from the monthly costs. So I am currently in the process of paying myself back for that. To do that I must make at least $6 per month over the next year. So I’m going to try to get my Factoidz Earnings to that as my first goal.

My Goals for my Article Writing Project

I have a few goals that I have set for myself for this project that I am working on. I’d like to share them with you so you can hold me accountable and I can’t forget. Now onto the goals!

  1. Make it to $6 before the end of December – I earned $0.35 for my last article I posted Factoidz Earnings: My Fourth Month and $0.32 for the article before that Three Prominent Techniques in Advertising. That shows that the activity bonus goes up as you write more consistently and often. But let’s say that it stays at $0.35, without the earnings I get from people viewing my articles, I would need to write 18 articles in December, to get to my goal of $6. That’s less then 1 article per day!
  2. Get up to 20 Articles and Become a Staff Writer - Once you get over 20 articles on Factoidz, you become eligible to be promoted to a Staff Writer. This means more money and no need to get your articles reviewed. I’m not sure how hard it is to become a staff writer once you have gotten over 20 articles, but I guess I will find out. I want to write way more articles then the two it will take to get to 20 articles.
  3. Write at least 4 articles per week – I wanted to put an article everyday but I thought the goal might be a little too lofty with my homework and blog posts. So I just put 4 per week. Only 2 more this week!
  4. Raise SEO Ranks of Current Article – I’m already starting to do that by mentioning some of my articles in this blog post. But I want to continue and raise them all a bit.

You Want to Write Articles with Me?

If you would like to write articles with me first you’ll have to sign up for Factoidz. Next follow me on Factoidz, so you can see all of my articles. Then you can send me a message saying you want to write with me and then I’ll subscribe to you and we’ll create a group somehow. I’m not exactly sure how we can do that yet. But we’ll figure it out.

Feel free to comment below. Comments are loved and encouraged. Plus I usually respond back!

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