SGP 01: Internet Businesses Need Multiple Points of Contact to Appear More Trustworthy

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Hey everybody, today I have a guest post for you from Nick D. of Specialty Answering Service. I hope you enjoy what he has to say. I’ll be back and posting next weekend. So look for that next Sunday.

Many businesses find themselves operating in a virtual world.  When we used to do business, we often found ourselves sitting across the table with someone clad in a shirt and tie (or smart business suit).  Today, thanks to telecommuting and the internet, the person we are doing business could be sitting at their kitchen table doing business in their pajamas.  Or for that matter, you could be the one sitting at your own kitchen table running a company in pajamas as well.

Technology, the World Wide Web, and some amazing advancements in telephony have eliminated the need for a brick and mortar facade.  These advancements have made doing business easier than ever.  But, it has also opened the door for some unscrupulous companies to pose as legitimate businesses.  Because of a few bad apples, there is a certain level of mistrust surrounding virtual internet based businesses.  In order to combat potential uneasiness of the consumer, online businesses must go above and beyond to show that they are above board.

The best way to show this is to make your internet business appear to be a Fortune 500 Company.  In order to do this, the following steps must occur:

Make Your Website Look Legitimate: If you are an internet business, shouldn’t your website be the face of your company?  A well designed professional website not only will make your website look better, but will make your small company seem like a big one.

Post a Legitimate Address on Your Website: Doing business with a company that operates out of a P.O. Box does not give the consumer a warm fuzzy feeling.  Showing your company’s corporate address gives the prospective client piece of mind that you actually exist and you claim.  If your company address is your home address, list that.  If you are not comfortable with using a home address there are options.
1.Use a mail receiving service.  Most UPS Stores offer mail boxes at a very affordable price.  The addresses use suite numbers to signify each box.
2.Executive Office Suites are an alternative to a standalone office.  These suites offer enhanced services, conference rooms, fax and professional services
3.Co-Locate in another office.  This option allows you to receive mail and other perks that come along with having an office space.

Post Your Phone Number on Your Website: A website without a telephone number is a major red flag.  A contact number on your website gives clients piece of mind that you will be there for them after the sale.   Once you put the number up on your website, the next step is to make sure that there is a live voice on the other end.  Live operator service is needed to show that they are dealing with a strong, well staffed business, not some guy and his answering machine.  A live operator <a href=””>telephone answering service</a> is the answer to this dilemma.   The answering service can provide your company with not only a voice on the other end of your phone, but a phone number as well.

The internet is amazing.  It has opened up a whole world of business opportunities.  Yet, just like in the real world, the legitimate businesses are the ones that succeed and thrive.   By taking a few steps to show that you are in fact operating a legitimate company is the first step in succeeding in the online market place.

This guest post is provided Nick D. of Specialty Answering Service. Specialty is a business answering service and can help add legitimacy to any internet business by providing 24 hour customer service.

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