The Awful Moment when Stress Hits

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Although this post doesn’t really ring Internet Business or Blogging, it plays a pivotal role in an Internet Entrepreneur’s life. Stress gets to us all at certain points in our life. Maybe you need to get a post out today or need to finish a product. These are the times when stress hits the hardest.

Stress can affect your performance or the quality of work. And in an industry when one bad post could lose you readers, stress must be controlled

Managing Stress

Stress Management is crucial, but few really succeed in it. It’s all about mindset. I mean, as far as school, I don’t get stressed out very often. There are two reasons for this and they are: lack of care and the ease of control.

Lack of Care

I have never cared enough about school to get stressed over it. Now, I’m an A and B student so don’t get me wrong. It is still a priority. But to be honest, this blog has more meaning and is more valuable to me. You can’t learn about keyword research and Twitter Marketing in school. There aren’t any courses in it. So a lack of care prevents serious stress from occurring.

Ease of Control

Some problems have simple solutions and some are hard to solve. The ease of control of a situation is how simple it is to get rid of the stress. A 2-page paper that counts as a homework grade is easier to manage then a 15-page research paper

Back to the Internet Entrepreneur

Well, take those principles and apply them to an Internet Entrepreneur’s life. The lack of care shouldn’t affect a successful internet entrepreneur, because I truly believe you need to love what you do in order to become that successful. But the ease of control is an interesting piece to apply to an internet entrepreneur. An Internet Entrepreneur manages all of his online presence, unless he outsources or is in a partnership, so they have to cover from the ground up. They have to manage everything from writing in the blog to paying the bills for hosting. All the weight is on their shoulders.

Prioritizing your Tasks

Finding time for each of these tasks can be harder then it may seem. You need to be able to prioritize each task. High priority tasks such as paying expenses and submitting the content to your readers that they expect need to be first. Remember that content for your readers is a high priority task. You need to supply for your readers what they expect, otherwise they will stop coming to your business. The customer always comes first, so think of them when you are prioritizing your tasks. On the low priority end you have upgrades to your business or changing a setting on your blog. Although you should definitely get to these eventually, you do need to put other tasks before them.

Creating a List

I won’t lie, I’m quite the procrastinator. One of the techniques I use to avoid the evils of procrastination is creating a list. A simple to-do list, actually. You can write it out on a piece of scrap paper or on your iPhone, which is a great business tool. But it’s very important to write it down. This will give you something to look at and make you stay on task. Put the high priority tasks at the top of the list to get done first. As you cross off items from your to-do list you will begin to feel more accomplished and it can get you to become more productive. It’s just a nice feeling to put a strike-through something that may have been at the back of your mind.

Take a Deep Breath

At some points there is going to be too much stress that you aren’t going to be able to work effectively. This is a time where you need to take a step back and just breath. Think about what you need to do rationally. Your mind tends to make things seem harder then they are when you are stressed. I don’t recommend you use this strategy as much as the others, because it is a lot less productive. But you should use it at some point. It can allow you to refocus and then get back to work and be productive again.

Ending Stress

I got the idea of this topic because I have been stressed out lately, due to college scholarships and multiple other assignments. That’s why I haven’t been very prolific in the past couple months as far as posting in the blog. But I am near the end of my work for college, so this blog and my Internet Entrepreneur life will become a high priority task once again. But I do love writing these posts and there is no plan to stop. You’ll be reading more from me very soon.

What is your strategies for managing stress? Tell me about it in the comments below and maybe I’ll start to use them.

2 Responses to The Awful Moment when Stress Hits

  1. Rasheed says:

    Hey Nick,

    Great tips! I recently got a program called Total Bliss Program. Here are a couple of things I learned from the program to combat stress:

    1: Meditate daily
    2: Exercise
    3: To-do list

    Thanks for all you do!

    • Nick Purcell says:

      I can’t say that I’ve ever meditated, but the other two are golden ideas. I didn’t write exercise because I was thinking Internet Entrepreneur. But that really plays a big role, since you could easily forget to exercise! Thanks Rasheed for your support!

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