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My Internship – The Challenge and Response!

Insurance InternshipIf you don’t know already, I’m working at Rogers & Gray Insurance Agency. Well, I’m working in their Business Development department. That’s what they call their marketing department. I focus in Social Media Marketing, so I help my supervisor with their marketing on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and their blog, among other things.

Well I challenged my supervisor to a little competition. Or, at least, one of her old posts. My intentions is to beat that post as far as views and comments. This is part of my New Year’s Resolution for my internship that is making the blog more of a priority. I only have an hour during school time to work there so managing my time is going to be very important.

Connecting and Networking with Local Businesses

Business Connect NametagIf you checked out my blog last week you may have noticed there was not one post! I’m truly sorry for that, but I had an extremely busy week. The center of the busyness, which I just realized is close to business, was a Business Conference called Business Connect. This was held in Hyannis, Massachusetts at the Business and Conference Center.

Rogers & Gray Insurance Internship: Week 2

Social Media Marketing

As I said in the first post of this series, I got an internship at Rogers & Gray Insurance Agency. I am going to this internship last period on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays through a class in my school called Work Based Learning. It’s great to get the experience in the field I want to pursue, which is Social Media Marketing.

Before you continue, if you haven’t seen Week 1′s post then read that first.

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